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Social Skills

Connecting the Pieces offers social skills groups that focus on developing various social skills essential for social success. Students are placed in groups based on age and abilities following a comprehensive screening. Groups are limited to 8 students and have 1 group leader, 1 assistant and students may also have individual support when needed. Groups are located in various areas and additional groups are opened upon need. Most groups run 6-8 weeks in length. Additional ESY groups are available that also include academic support as well as gross motor and additional special activities (e.g. art, music) and meet 3 times per week for 6 weeks. Each group has some overall group goals and then additional child specific goals are identified to meet the needs of that specific student. Typical peers are included in some groups when possible.

Groups include ABA/VB programming and cognitive behavioral strategies make for a unique, comprehensive program to best service students. Utilizing ABA/VB to help establish initial motivation to join with peers and build motivation to participate with peers helps establish a starting point to build social skills. By utilizing cognitive behavior strategies students start to understand why many social skills are necessary in the development of friendships. Finally,  students practice the social skill with peers and receive real life feedback which helps them build the motivation to be a co-participant in the relationship as they gain better understanding of the social world around them.

Potential Group Goals

• initiating to peers
• responding to peers
• turn taking
• play skills
• problem solving
• accepting disappointment
• perspective taking
• social referencing
• coordinating actions