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Social Skills

Connecting the Pieces is offering both Face to Face and virtual social skills, which will facilitate social development and address social skill needs of children. Groups include ABA programming and cognitive behavioral strategies making for a unique, comprehensive program to best service children. Children practice the social skill with peers and receive real life feedback which helps them gain a better understanding of the social world around them.

Face to Face and Virtual Social Skills:

  • Sessions can be individual or group sessions. Groups are typically 3-5 children based on upon age, grade, and need.
  • Assist children in a structured environment under the guidance of skilled professionals that will later generalize to unstructured, natural social opportunities.
  • Interactive social skills materials will be utilized as the backdrop to learning so children are motivated to participate and learn.
  • Data will be collected, analyzed, and reported through progress monitoring.
  • Children will acquire various social skills including, but not limited to, communication skills, teamwork, problem solving, and collaboration. Potential group goals:
    • Initiating to peers
    • Responding to peers
    • Turn taking
    • Play skills
    • Problem solving
    • Accepting disappointment
    • Perspective taking
    • Social referencing
    • Coordinating actions
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