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Testimonial from Jen Jennings, Special Education Compliance Director, K12 Inc:

“Connecting the Pieces, LLC (CTP) has been a reliable, consistent, and exceptional service provider for many Pennsylvania students enrolled in our cyber charter school who present with unique diagnostic, behavioral, learning, or other functional needs. I can firmly attest that CTP prioritizes data-driven and student-centered practice first and foremost, and they have heightened the capacity to assure a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) for this progressive school model.

While CTP may offer a wide range of in-home student support options statewide, they do not waiver with holding high professional and ethical standards for each professional on their team. The selection and assignment of CTP professionals is quite efficient, yet it is conducted thoughtfully as a means to ensure a productive rapport with the student and family is easily established and maintained. CTP professionals are always active and valuable contributors on IEP team meetings and when consulting with team members. They bring a refreshing approach to behavior modification by ensuring the team has a solid understand of the individualized functions and factors contributing to student behaviors. In turn, school based teams have felt better equipped to implementing positive support behavior plans with integrity.

I have directly observed the effectiveness of Connecting the Pieces, LLC and can attest that they bring high quality, individualized programming and collaboration with school-based teams that enables the reduction and elimination of complex barriers to learning. CTP conveys a genuine approach to gathering and analyzing data, developing behavior plans, and applying strategies that lead students with even the most profound behaviors or disabilities to greater outcomes. Without a doubt, the establishment of services through CTP has proven to be one of the smartest and most fulfilling decisions our team has made for the sake of our students.”